Tips to keep the Battery operated tankless water heater well maintained for long life

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A water heater is a seasonal appliance which is used only in winters. During the long summer season, we often ignore this machine forgetting its importance during winters. We need to take care of this device during off season so that it can help us when need it. Like other devices, battery operated water heater also requires proper maintenance because it helps to increase the life of water heater. If you also want that your water heater works for a long period for you, then it is your responsibility to keep it well maintained.electric-tankless-water-heater
Some tips, you will be surely able to keep your battery operated water heater maintained and can also utilize this appliance for a long time.
• First of all, you should have to be aware that before cleaning and applying any of the maintenance tips for an electrical device, you should have to turn off the electricity because it can help you to avoid shock and any other hazardous problems. If you have a gas water heater, then shut down the gas supply and then start working on it.
• Next, you have to place a bucket under the water heater to catch the water produces by the pressure relief valve (TPR). Now lift the valve to allow the water to come out, and then turn off the valve. If you still find leakage of the water from the valve, then it is common to understand that the valve needs to replace with new one.
• Now it is time to check the anode rod, and for this, you need to place a hose to the drain cock of the water heater and let the water runs out.
• Install a socket that must be 11/16 inches and place it on the hex head of the rod and detach the rod from the from the water heater. If you find that the rod 1/2 inches think or it is entirely layered with the calcium, then it may the time to consider new and replace it with the new one. Keep in mind that when you are replacing it, keep it properly tight so that it cannot be a cause of any danger.
• After replacing, now drain the left water into the container from the tank of the heater.mainteance-tips-of-electric-tankless-water-heater
• Stir the sediment on the bottom of the tank and open the water supply valve of the water heater.
• Drain the water from the hose and repeat this procedure until the hose releases the clean water.
• Now shut off the drain cock and refill the water tank again.
• You can turn on the power to use the water heater.
All these tips are highly very useful and will surely help you to keep your water tank clean and well maintained. We have highly recommended checking for more about best tankless water heater and its maintenance tips. If you find difficulty to clean your water tank, then you can also go to the plumber to get assistance from them. So, get ready to increase the life of the water tank with the help of the tips mentioned above.